our house is bursting with so much delight and happiness these past few days.  accompanying such swirling glee is a bit of frustration and exhaustion, as to be expected.

it is a beautiful experience to be so close to my children, observing the finite nuances of their personalities each day.  they love to try and keep me tangled up in their every move.  i have to take a step back now and then for a breath.

what a gift a camera is.  what a gift these girls are.

i decided this morning to select a few photographs from each season to tell their story.  some i may share here.  i envision the photos adorning a wall in our home or using them to create a short storybook of our year.

through a storybook they can make up their own words to go along with the photos each time they read through it together.  i hope those times will be a moment in their days that will be effortless for them to share.

(a sweet auntie bearing scented nail polish is a wonderful thing to have.)



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