i live in the country with my betrothed, R Sweetapple.  he is brilliant in many ways.  we are lucky to parent four lovely daughters.

i tend to go through phases which require immense amounts of research, mental energy and passion.  this could also be described as having many interests or being a tad eccentric.  i have considered writing a blog many times before but wasn’t certain of what angle i had to offer.

upon having baby number three i knew it was time.  during the past year of her beautiful babyhood, i crossed over the line of seeking and defining my identity to trusting and embracing my aesthetic.  it is time to chronicle and keep track of my phases.  i anticipate having Sweetapple Tales to look back on to see the threads that make me.

i have a humbled heart to guide me.  i seek to listen well to what echoes back from the tales i share here.  thank you warmly,   m.


One comment on “About

  1. Week Woman says:

    seems like a lovely blog 🙂

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