almost behind us

july brought:

+ camping out under the starry, sweltering sky at home and among the birdsongs elsewhere for miss C.

+ many listens to 24 popular show tunes courtesy of the drama class miss C is participating in. “Honey Bun” made the cut as her pick for the final performance.  it has been practiced so often around our home even sweet S has learned the tune and sings it baby-style.

+ three impromptu dance numbers performed by me and miss C.  mock broadway dancing made for wonderful laughter and connection.

+ fireworks flashing across the sky just beyond the back part of our country porch.  (i love fireworks.)  it was magical to see the surprise show of them as i stood beside my beloved r sweetapple and miss C.

+ an adventure together on a rarely cool saturday has inspired each of us since returning home.  it has encouraged me to consider more hours-long discovery outings. it is a gift to be able to watch each child process the experience.

+ r and i enjoyed a day together at home on our own.  i love the quiet, secret happy of date days.  he planted an oak tree in the morning.  we shared a terrible meal together at a local dive in the afternoon.

+ two goldfish selected by lovely L and miss C.  we took a break after the previous few had gone on to the fishy spirit side.  the glow and sound of the tank reminds me of lovely L’s newborn days.  we used to cuddle up and nurse by its’ light when she was still so tiny and working on getting used to being in the world.

+ sweet S’s first set of calloused feet.  i recognize this means i must finally accept her toddlerhood and my mothering heart must shift from swaddle to bravery mode.  she is ready.  i can pretend well that i am.